Dress A Girl and Dress A Dude Project

Soroptimist of Grass Valley (SIGV) is once again crafting simple dresses and shorts for the impactful “Dress A Girl Around The World” (DAG) and “Dress A Dude” (DAD) projects. These projects, championed by organizations with a shared commitment to combating child exploitation, believe that dressing children in garments serves as a powerful deterrent to potential sex-traffickers. It sends a profound message that someone cares for and protects these young lives.


Over the past five years, SIGV has been at the forefront of these initiatives in Nevada County. Through the collective efforts of individuals in our community, SIGV has amassed a significant collection of hand-sewn clothing. These items are then presented to various organizations, which carry them on mission trips to third-world countries. To date, the impact has been substantial, with over 5500 dresses and 1600 shorts/shirts reaching children in remote villages of Eastern Uganda, orphanages in Kenya and Cambodia, a medical clinic serving as a halfway house for sex-trafficked women on the Thai/Burma border, a halfway house for sex trafficked girls in Tanzania and an orphanage in Chile.


The efforts poured into crafting these garments here are transforming lives and bringing hope to children in need across the world. The Soroptimist of Grass Valley continues to be a beacon of compassion, making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children through these meaningful projects.