The White Barn Project           

SIGV has proudly joined forces with Wendy Weidler, a dedicated FFA parent, to introduce "The White Barn Project" (WBP), a transformative clothing exchange initiative tailored for 4H and FFA families. The project addresses the challenges of outfitting children for the fair by collecting gently used donations of girls and boys white pants and shirts, 4H hats and scarves, FFA jackets, boots, and belts.


In an effort to benefit all 4H and FFA families preparing their kids for the Fair, SIGV invites contributions of white jeans, white button-up shirts (long and short sleeve), 4H ties and scarves, FFA jackets, brown or black boots, and belts. SIGV supplements the stock with purchased items in needed but unavailable sizes. A lending library for ties, hats, and belts is also available during the Fair.


Anyone can drop off clothing donations at Hay Barn or Riebe’s. Donors, whether contributing clothes or funds towards the project, may request a tax-deductible donation letter.


Distribution to 4H and/or FFA families occurs at the Ponderosa Hall at the Fairgrounds in July and at the Barn behind Treat Street during the fair, with collected clothing stored for distribution the following year before the fair. 


The White Barn Project continues to make a meaningful impact, ensuring that every child is well-equipped for the fair experience.We are thrilled to share that the White Barn Project has been honored with the Blue Ribbon Award from the Western State Fair Association, recognizing its outstanding support for the fair and its participants.