Hope Chest

The Hope Chest Project is a dedicated initiative aimed at swiftly assisting vulnerable families in our community facing financial crises. Operated by a proactive Team with the autonomy to independently allocate funds, our mission is to collaborate with local agencies, groups, or individuals to bridge gaps and address the immediate needs of families in distress.


Comprising of a Chairman and two members, the Hope Chest Project Team engages in thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions to identify needs, ultimately making prompt and impactful decisions for the families involved. Emphasizing privacy and respect, the Team intentionally keeps projects small, ensuring the discreet support of families.


While the overall impact of the Hope Chest Project may be modest, the ability to provide rapid assistance distinguishes us from agencies bound by complex and time-consuming protocols. The significance of our contributions is profound for the families aided by SIGV each year, and their expressions of gratitude underscore the tangible difference we make in their lives.


The availability of our support is not widely advertised, but we maintain close collaboration with members and community agencies familiar with SIGV Hope Chest as a readily accessible resource for families in crisis. Those in need can contact a Hope Chest Project Team member directly or submit a request for help via email to Soroptimist International of Grass Valley at sigrassvalley@gmail.com. Our commitment is to be a reliable and swift source of assistance for those navigating challenging times.